Winter Skills Clinic

We believe the winter is a great opportunity to refine players technique and skills on the ball. Supplemental training outside of a team environment focused on individual skill development will improve a players game tremendously. A player cannot perform tactically, if they do not have a solid technical base. This winter program is designed to improve players technical skills as well as speed, agility, balance, and performance.

Winter skills info coming Nov 30th.

Space is limited so please register as soon as possible.

Times/Age Groups:

  • 9 AM – U10 Boys
  • 10 AM – U10 Boys
  • 11 AM – U10 Boys
  • 12 PM – U10 Girls
  • 1 PM – U10 Girls
  • 2 PM – U12/U14 Boys
  • 3 PM – U12/U14 Boys
  • 4 PM – U12/U14 Girls

U10 Groups:

  • W1: Dribbling for Control (4 keys to dribbling)
  • W2: Dribbling to Change Direction (Pull turn, Pull Push, Cruyff)
  • W3: Dribbling to Penetrate (Speed dribbling)
  • W4: Dribbling to Deceive (African Nut-meg, Over-Back, Matthews)
  • W4: Passing (Push Pass)
  • W5: Passing for Possession (Angles of support, Communication)
  • W6: Shooting (Power & Accuracy)
  • W7: Individual Defending (1 on 1 principles)
  • W8: Team Defending (Pressure and Cover)
  • W9: Shielding (Body posture concepts)
  • W10: Turns Off a Pass (Open the door, Behind the Leg, Outside of the Foot)

For U12/U14 will include a weekly mix of physical training (speed, agility, and strength work), technical training (repetition muscle memory based dribbling, passing, shooting, defending), and small sided futsal game play)

Physical Training to include ladders, jump ropes, short acceleration shuttles, and core strengthening exercises.

U6, U7 and U8:

Looking for a program for U6 U7 and U8? Proformancesoccer Academy are running a program at the Waltham Boys and Girls club.

The coaches:

  • Paul Bucelwicz – WYS Director of Coaching / WHS Girls Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Proformance Soccer Academy Staff Coach
  • WYS Staff Coaches

If you have any questions about the sessions feel free to email Paul Bucelwicz.


Northeast Elementary school
70 Putney Ln, Waltham, MA 02451

Drop off/Pick up:

Players should show up 10 mins before their session and be ready to start on time. You can drop your child off – you do not need to stay in the gym while they are there but please pick them up on time and come inside to pick them up as we do not want any children outside unattended.

What to bring:

  • Indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. Bring a change of sneakers for snowy or wet days.
  • Socks & Shin Guards
  • Water!

Every player should have an age appropriate BALL

  • Size 4 – (U8/U10/U12)
  • Size 5 – (U14+)