U6 Coed

Waltham Youth Soccer has a U6 Coed Program for our very youngest players, pre-K and Kindergarden(4 and 5 year olds). For most, this is the very first experience with soccer. This program is a Two Season, Fall and Spring program that meets on Sunday afternoons only.

New Changes for Spring 2014:

We are updating and making changes to our U6 coed program for spring 2014. These changes are to enhance player development, by increasing every players time on the ball and by reducing downtime. In the past we’ve had 12 players per team, 2 coaches, and played a small sided game of 6v6. This resulted in half the team standing around waiting to play for too long. The 6v6 format only allowed a few touches on the ball for the 6 players per team during the game. The new changes we are making for the Spring are to reduce the team size and game size to 3v3. By reducing the game size to 3v3, we are doubling the amount of time each player gets on the ball.


Due to these changes, we cannot take requests to pair friends and neighbors on the same teams. We will pair siblings on the same team.

Old U6 Coed Format:

  • 12 players per team
  • 2 Coach per team
  • 30 minutes of instruction
  • 30 minutes of free play
  • 6v6 games

New U6 Coed Format:

  • 6 players per team
  • 1 Coach per team
  • 1 Parent manager
  • 30 minutes of instruction
  • 30 minutes of free play
  • 3v3 games