In Waltham Youth Soccer we strive to teach our children the highest level of good sportsmanship.  As one of the most developmental opportunities, Soccer teaches children not only the joy of winning, but how to deal with a setback.


Good sportsmanship start with respect. Respect for your teammates, opponents, ref’s, coaches, parents and field. Everyone is there for the same reasons. To have a fun friendly competition. No one wants to get hurt.

Keeping your cool

You play your best with a level head. You won’t play well angry or sad. If you are fouled, or think you are, do not retaliate, as the refs seem to only call the retaliations. Do your best to keep your cool and you will play a much better game.

Post game hand shakes

After each game you are to line up and shake the opponents hands. Going through the line there should be no trash talk whether you win, lose or tie. Say “good game” and slap five. Also make sure you thank the Ref’s.