Parent & Player Guidelines

Waltham Youth Soccer is NOT about winning or losing, but is about learning the game, improving individual skills, playing as a team, making new friends, and above all having FUN!

Here are some useful guidelines that will help make this an enjoyable season for you, your child, and everyone else.

Pre season check:

Check to make sure your equipment is in good shape and still fits.
Make sure you know who your coach is and when your first practice is.
You should be contacted by your coach at least 1 week before the first game.
Spring only – Check your uniform. Make sure you didn’t lose it or out grew it over the winter.


Practices run for 1-1.5 hours depending on your team and field availability.
Please show up early. You should be ready to take the field at your practice start time.
When you show up, start juggling, or passing the ball with a teammate to loosen up.
The sooner the team is warmed up, the sooner you can start playing.

What to bring:

  • Cleats or sneakers
  • Shin pads & socks
  • Soccer ball
  • Plenty of water


Please show up at the field, ready to play, at least 15 minutes earlier. Your coach may direct you otherwise. You need a proper warmup before game play to prevent injury. The Ref’s also need to check in the entire team a few minutes before the start.

What to bring:

  • Uniform – Full kit(Socks, shorts, Jersey)
  • Cleats
  • Soccer ball
  • Water
  • Warmup jacket or sweats (in case it gets cold while standing around)
  • Inhalers or other(please give to your coach to hold in case of emergency)
  • Captain’s band


Do not stand behind the goal. Parents and friends are allowed on the opposite side of the field from the team’s benches.

Resist the urge to run onto the field if your child gets knocked down or hurt. Let the referee and coach deal with the issue. You will be called upon if needed.

Do not coach from the sidelines. Players get confused when they hear more than one person “coaching” from the sidelines.

Support the children, coaches, and referees from the opposing team as well as from your team. Applaud good plays and good sportsmanship.

Take pride in yourself, your team, your town and your league. You are representing Waltham Youth Soccer as well as your child’s team.

If a player is misbehaving (temper tantrum, aggressive behavior, etc.) they will be asked to leave the game for a cooling off period. Please support the referee/coaches in that decision.

The referee’s decisions are final. If you have a question (not a complaint) regarding a call, wait until after the game is over. Remember that the referees are learning too.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Waltham Youth Soccer has adopted the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in accordance with the Middlesex Youth Soccer League. Teach your children respect for the referees & lead by example. This is not a professional sports team. Any outburst towards coaches, referees, players or other parents on the sidelines will result in:
First Offense – A Verbal warning.
Second Offense – You will be asked to leave the game and BANNED from future games.

Veterans Memorial Field Rules (Forest Street)

  • NO Smoking
  • Certain Foods are PROHIBITED- anything with small seeds or shells that could get into the field turf. (watermelon with seeds, peanuts, oranges with seeds, potato chips, etc.)
  • Only Water is allowed on the turf.
  • Please use care and DISPOSE OF ALL TRASH PROPERLY