The proper equipment is important for safety, appearance, and development. Make sure you bring the proper equipment to both games and practices.


In-town program is issued a jersey only. This must be worn for each game.
Travel program is issued a full kit. Jersey, Shorts and socks. These should be worn together only on game day.

Shin guards

There are several styles and sizes available, varying in coverage and comfort. All styles are acceptable.


Socks need to fully cover the shin guards in order to play. This is for safety reasons so no hard plastic is exposed.

Cleats or sneakers

It’s important to get the proper cleats for the right surface you are playing on. Out doors you should have rubber cleats. No baseball cleats or football cleats are allowed. Only soccer specific cleats are allowed. The ref’s will check prior to every game.

Soccer ball

Everyone should have an age specific soccer ball for practice.

  • Size 3 – (U6)
  • Size 4 – (U8/U10/U12)
  • Size 5 – (U14+)


Bring plenty of water. Bring your own water bottle, you don’t want to have to share.

NO Earrings, Jewelry or Casts

Absolutely NO earrings are allowed during games and practices. Earrings cannot be taped over or covered – they must be removed. This is a safety issue that could result in serious injury if overlooked.

Jewelry of any type may not be worn during practices and games. Medical Alerts and Religious items may be worn but must be taped down.

Hard casts are prohibited even if they are padded.