Spring Preseason Check List For Coaches

Thank you Volunteer WYS coaches! The season is getting very close to beginning. Here are a few dates you need to be aware of, and a list of a few things you should be thinking about doing as you lead into your season.

1. Plan on meeting with your assistant coaches

You should get in touch with your assistant coaches and have a sit down meeting to talk about what your roles will be coming this fall. Think about how you will split up the work and talk about any conflicts in scheduling.

2. Come up with a few goals you would like to accomplish over the season

It’s important to set goals for the team. Make sure you are able to hit them. Don’t set a goal of winning every single game, because that is not realistic. In youth sports. a .500 record is a great goal! Here is an example:

  • Develop a first touch (gaining and keeping possession, touch, control, confidence, juggling and ground moves)
  • Understanding that Defense means winning the ball back/gaining possession
  • Learn and understand the positions on the field and your role in that position
  • Having Fun!

3. Email your team

Email your team and let them know who you are, what licenses you have, and what you came up with for goals for the season. Also let them know what days practices are and a general sense of game times and what you expect.
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4. Plan a Player/Parent meeting

Have a meeting with your players and parents to go over your philosophy and what your plans/expectations are for the season. Remember set the tone early, and be realistic. This meeting should take place PRIOR to the first game.