New Changes for Fall 2016

Dear Waltham Soccer families:

As many of you know, United States Soccer Federation(USSF or US Soccer) is making many changes and improvements to all soccer leagues in this country that will be mandated by 2017. One of the biggest changes, is to the age groups going to calendar year Jan 1st – Dec 31st(birth year). Mass Youth Soccer and Middlesex Youth Soccer strongly believe that playing soccer for your town/community, is about playing with friends of your same school grade. Mass Youth Soccer and Middlesex Youth Soccer have decided to change the age groups for fall 2016, by school grade. This will make the age group cutoffs Sept 1st – August 31st. This new age group will make it easier for players to play with their peers of their same school grade.

Waltham Soccer has adapted these changes, and have updated the registration to be labeled by school grades.

For fall 2016 the age groups and programs will be as follows:
Pre-K and Kindergarten – Formerly U6
1st Grade In-Town – Formerly U8
2nd Grade In-Town – Formerly U8
3rd and 4th Grade Travel – Formerly U10
5th and 6th Grade Travel – Formerly U12
7th and 8th Grade Travel – Formerly U14

Another big change from US Soccer is game size and field sizes. Starting in 2017 US Soccer will standardize small-sided game participation based on player age groups. Waltham Soccer has adopted these changes and are making steps to align our programs with US Soccer standards by 2017. For fall of 2016 we are splitting the 1st and 2nd grade groups and creating a new 4v4 program for our 1st graders(U7). Our 2nd grade program(U8) will remain the same for 2016.

For fall 2016 our In-Town programs will be playing games as follows:
Pre-K and Kindergarten – 4v4 games
1st Grade In-Town – 4v4 games
2nd Grade In-Town – 6v6 games

We understand that change is difficult and our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for all involved. Mass Youth Soccer, Middlesex Youth Soccer, and Waltham Youth Soccer, have been working hard to roll out these changes and to not abruptly impact the programs you are all participating in.

If you have any questions about the new changes from US Soccer feel free to email me or take a look at the recourses on US Soccer’s website here:

Paul Bucelwicz
Director of Coaching
Waltham Soccer

*If a player is held back a school grade, player will be placed in a group by their birth year.