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This weeks education piece will focus on Player Fitness, and how to reach a level of fitness, and maintain that working capacity.
As part of the brand new GPS Sports Performance Department, players will receive constant attention to detail regarding aspects of Sports Performance, which includes a fitness element. The use of Hurdles within the players package in 2013 can be used to build and maintain the required fitness level – watch below to see some information on how the professionals incorporate fitness training into their daily routines.
Some of the other benefits of constant fitness are apparent also. Part of the GPS mission statement explains that we are trying to foster an identity of excellence, whilst developing players that can compete at the highest level. The following article shows that healthy living combined with a high level of fitness can lead to improved concentration, social abilities and a natural treatment from lifestyle related diseases. Read below to find out some ideas and information about fitness through soccer for young players.
The last piece of this education package is focussing on the parents, and how they can help within the development of the players. At GPS we are trying to develop our youth as players and people, through the constant attention from the Sports Performance Department and the Head Coaches he players have the ability to develop to the highest level possible. The below article is a fantastic read on the role that the Parents play in the development of the players, and what a huge role the play in positive reinforcement and the development of the player.