August Summer Pickup U12/U14

The Fall season is upon us and we are only 4 short weeks away from the start of the season. To help players get ready, WYS has setup pickup nights for the next 4 weeks at Veterans field. This gives players the chance to get out to the field, run around, kick the ball and play pickup games before their first team practice.

These sessions will be run by several of the WYS Coaches each week.


Ian Ashford – BU14
Paul Bucelwicz – GU14
Tom Thu – GU14
Brian Schwarzentruber – GU14
Pino Viscomi – GU12


Wednesday nights at 6pm-7:30pm


Girls and Boys U12/U14

What fields:

AUG 1 – Field 1
AUG 8 – Field 3
AUG 15 – Field 3
AUG 22 – Field 1

What to bring:

Proper equipment