Fall 2020 – COVID 19 Updated programming

Registration is now closed. We will be sending more information soon.

The State of MA has been updating and revising its guidance regarding COVID-19 (and the potential impact to youth sports) every 2-3 weeks. The latest update came out last week and Mass Youth Soccer sent these new return to soccer guidelines effective August 17, 2020: https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/

We understand and respect that playing soccer this Fall may not be the right decision for your child or family at this time and we look forward to seeing you next Spring. For those of you who are eager to get your kids outside even for a little bit, please understand the below guidelines are MANDATORY and we need your help to ensure we all participate in making this Fall Training a success. Nobody wants to be the person who shuts down Fall Soccer in Waltham because you are ignoring the new requirements.

Everyone who wants to participate in Fall Training must register and pay $24 per child.  If you had previously registered for the Spring 2020 season (which was cancelled due to COVID-19), that credit will carry forward to the Spring 2021 season.

WYS Fall Soccer Plan – Please note there will be changes to the way we are going to run the Fall program with the current COVID-19 Restrictions.  The plans detailed below are for everyone’s safety and these conditions are MANDATORY. Being able to play soccer at this time is a privilege – we need your support to read, understand, and adhere to these guidelines in order to safely enable our children to participate in Waltham Soccer this fall. 

  1. Fall Soccer training will be focused on having fun and individual skill development. All activity will be conducted based on current MA Youth Sports Guidelines UPDATED August 17thhttps://www.mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/
  2. WYS will have a COVID-19 Officer(responsible for communicating all COVID-19 guidelines to WYS membership and will act as a liaison between you and Waltham’s Health Dept as needed)
  3. One coach per team will be a designated COVID-19 Coordinator(responsible for communicating COVID-19 guidelines to the team, ensuring these guidelines are enforced on a team level, and keeping attendance for every session to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.
  4. Training Schedule
    • We are planning for a 6-8 week training program – hoping to begin September 21st. 
    • We will stagger the training schedule days and times to minimize the number of people at Veterans and Falzone fields at any given time.
    • There will be NO ‘official’ games and NO travel to play against other towns.
    • 1st grade Boys/Girls program (Saturday only) 
    • 2nd grade Boys/Girls program (Friday and Saturday) 
    • 3rd – 8th grade Boys program (half the teams will play on Monday, half the teams will play on Wednesday and everyone on Saturday)
    • 3rd – 8th grade Girls program (half the teams will play on Tuesday, half the teams will play on Thursday and everyone on Saturday)
  5. Conditions of Participation:

All Players, Parents, Guardians, and Coaches:

  • You must not have had any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have not been exposed to someone who has been ill in the past 14 days. 

PLAYERS are required to: 

  • UPDATE: Players are required to wear face coverings at all times
  • Have their own cleats, shin guards, ball, water bottle, towel, and personal hygiene products (hand sanitizer, facial tissues, face coverings). 
  • Upon arrival, players should wait in the car and should not proceed to their field location earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time. 
  • Players must leave immediately after their session. Do not linger in the complex.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS are required to:

  • Take the temperature of your child before bringing them to soccer. DO NOT ALLOW your child to attend soccer if they are sick or any family member is demonstrating any symptoms of being sick. 
  • If they have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they should stay home. Please communicate this to your child’s coach and contact your healthcare provider. Your child will not be allowed to return to training until they are cleared by a healthcare provider – a doctor’s note must be provided. 


  • Absolutely no travel allowed out of state. No tournament play allowed for MA players – period (even out of state)
  • No travel to other towns. No friendlies.


  • We are being instructed to minimize interaction between teams as much as possible – Practice attendance will be kept and will be with your child’s team only (to facilitate contact tracing)
  • We may schedule organized scrimmages between two teams and will track all players involved (to facilitate contact tracing)
  • Only organized scrimmages with intra-Waltham teams will be allowed.

FACE COVERINGS – New guideline!! Face masks are to be worn by all parties (coaches, players, spectators) AT ALL TIMES.

  • players must wear masks with ear loops (no gaiters or bandanas)
  • players must now have a mask on at all times except: to catch one’s breath if needed from long runs or extended sprinting, or if medically exempt.
  • coaches will give the kids frequent water or breathing breaks with social distance.


  • No spectators allowed on the turf at any time (at Veterans Fields and Falzone Fields)
  • One spectator per player allowed in the Complex (parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to either drop off/pickup their children, wait in the car/parking lot, or walk within the neighborhood or perimeter of the grounds for exercise). 
  • If parents choose to enter the complex, Face coverings are MANDATORY and you must maintain Social Distancing guidelines of 6 feet or more within the Veterans or Falzone complex AT ALL TIMES!! These are MA State guidelines
  • The shack and playground at Veterans complex will remain closed to WYS.

RULES MODIFICATIONS – will apply during scrimmages

  • NO shoulder to shoulder contact
  • NO slide tackling
  • NO throw-ins (kick ins allowed > not into the penalty area)
  • NO corner kicks (trying to eliminate the crowding of players in the box)
  • NO heading
  • Players should maintain 6′ social distance as much as possible.
  • evaluating whether to eliminate Goalie punts.
  • ball must be wiped down if it is touched.
  • Any equipment used in a session must be wiped down afterwards
  1. Registration: https://www.sportsmanager.us/walthamyouthsoccer.htm
    • Registration is now open and will close Sunday 9/6 – Sorry there will be NO EXCEPTIONS (we have a very small window to register players, organize coaches and prepare for the upcoming season).
    • The Fall program will consist of intown training only.
    • Teams will not travel and there will be no ‘official’ games due to COVID-19 Restrictions.
    • The Fall season will only cost $24 per player (to cover insurance and registration fees).
    • NOTE:If you previously registered your child for the Spring 2020 season (which was cancelled due to COVID-19), you will still have a full credit for your child to play in the Spring 2021 season for free.