Program Development Officer

Waltham Youth Soccer is happy to welcome Sean Cook from Mass Premiere soccer as our PDO this spring season. Sean will be at the field helping coaches and players with training sessions, observing practices and games on the weekends to provide player and game analysis. Sean will also be running the U6 program on Sunday afternoons.

Before practice starts, I talk to Sean or the MPS coach helping and tell him what happened in the weekends game and what we need to work on as a team. They then comes up with a plan on the spot of a few activities to do that works on those skills. I’ve had an MPS coach or Sean help with a few practices so far and it’s been extremely helpful for the team an my own coaching education! – Paul Bucelwicz GU14-1/GU16 Coach.

When the MPS Coaches arrive, the first thing they do is ask the coaches what we think needs to be worked on. What impresses me the most is they will then take that information and build a lesson off the top of their head that involves all the players, no one standing around. Also, they will involve me and my staff so we can learn the drill to replicate it later. It is amazing to watch them and to realize how little I actually know about the game. – Bob Irvine BU14-2 Coach

Sean Cook:

Coaches, feel free to contact Sean to book sessions for your team, ask him to watch a game and provide feedback, or other general questions and tips.