Coaches Guidelines

Each coach has their own unique coaching style that reflects their personality. However, all Waltham Youth Soccer coaches should be enthusiastic, encouraging, and POSITIVE during practice and games. Teach your team to use good sportsmanship at all times. It is NOT about winning or losing, it’s about player development and having fun. Be a positive example and a good role model.


Figure out what nights and times work best for you and your team to practice.
Talk to our field coordinator about getting field space.
Contact your team and give them plenty of notice of your first practice and game.
There will be a brief coaches meeting before each season.


It’s important that every practice starts well. If you can grab their attention at the beginning of practice, with a good lesson plan in mind, it will set the pace for the entire practice. Have a practice plan in mind before you get to practice. If you wing it, the players will pick up on this an won’t take practice serious.

As a coach you have two jobs, improve technique, and improve confidence. Setup activities in which each player can be successful.

Each practice should have a structure. For example:

  • 5min warmup
  • Small-sided activity. (Skill work with no pressure)
  • Expanded activity. (Reenforce the skills they have just learned under pressure)
  • Free scrimmage. (The game is the best teacher, minimal coaching here, just let them play)
  • Cool down. (Juggling, light shooting, stretches)
What to bring:
  • Cones
  • Pinnies
  • Extra balls
  • Sneakers or cleats (Be ready to interact)



The week of your game, email the opposing coach and confirm the field and game time.
After your last practice before the game, make sure your team knows when and where their weekend’s game is.
Email your team the details of the upcoming game. Time, opponent, town and field information.

Game day:

Arrive early.
Make sure your team shows up 15-30 minutes before the start of the game.
Give your 2 Approved Rosters and ID cards(if applicable) to the center ref.
Walk the field and check for any unsafe items on the field and check field condition. Bring to ref’s attention if you feel something is dangerous.

What to bring:
  • 2 Approved copies of your roster
  • ID cards (Spring only)
  • Game ball (home games only)
  • Coaches jersey or jacket with WYS logo
  • Pinnies (in case of uniform conflict)
  • First Aid Kit and Ice packs

Post game:

Both teams should line up and shake hands.
Win, Lose, or Draw, “Good game.”
Make sure to thank the ref’s as well.
You will receive an email to evaluate the refs of each game. Please fill these out.
Login to Sportsmanager to check/score your game.
If there is a mistake, please e-mail your Age Director and inform them. They are the only ones who can change a score.


Treat the referees with respect. You should NEVER shout at or criticize a referee during a game. Teach your team that they should NEVER question a referee’s call. The referees are learning too. Lead by example. If you have any questions or complaints regarding the referees, or if you or your team are involved in any incident ( Red Card, asked to leave the game, fight, etc.) please fill out the Referee Evaluation form and send a note to Ray Halleran. He will take the appropriate action.


Take care of the fields. Have your team pick up all trash after practice and games.

If you notice something on the field that needs fixing (nets, goal frames, ripped turf at Veterans Field, or any other general field conditions) please notify Mike Guzzi.

Canceled Games:

Games are NO LONGER canceled Middlesex League wide. It is up to the individual cities or towns to decide if their fields are playable.

If the weather is bad, and you have an away game, call the opposing coach FIRST before heading to their city or town.

If the weather is bad and you are playing at Veterans Field, your game will be ON unless there is lightning or torrential downpours. In that case, any Waltham Field cancellations will be posted on the WYS website.

Make-up Games:

If your away game does get cancelled, here is what you need to do.
Contact the opposing coach. They should give you 3 choices of dates and times.
Understand, NO weekday games before 5:00 pm. No Sunday makeup games.
Once a date is agreed upon, inform you Age Director. At U12 and above, the Age Director and the league need to assign the referees. At U10 home games, Ray Halleran assigns the referees, so you will need to contact him. At U10 away games, the home team is responsible for getting a referee.

Once you have received confirmation from your Age Director, confirmed a date and a referee; that game time is then official and you MUST play at THAT time. (unless you are rained out again which would require the process to be started all over again)

Zero Tolerance Policy

Waltham Youth Soccer will be adhering to the ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Any outbursts or incidents that lead to any action taken by the Middlesex League will be an automatic 2 GAME SUSPENSION by WYS. The second time you will be banned from coaching for 1 year.


All coaches are asked to attend at least one WYS General Board Meeting per season.

Check the WYS website for the time and date of the monthly meeting. The only way we can improve WYS is to get more people involved. We need and welcome feedback.