Waltham Youth Soccer Scholarship

Waltham Youth Soccer rewards graduating high school seniors who have participated in our program with a scholarship should they meet the guidelines and be selected. The application asks a few questions to be answered by the student and submitted for consideration by the Scholarship Committee. The questions pertain to their involvement with WYS, as a player and a community member. To get the application you must go through Waltham High School – they distribute the scholarship packets and students who do not attend WHS must still get the packet from WHS. The scholarship from Waltham Youth Soccer is a special application – please remember that when contacting WHS. Once the applications are completed and returned to WHS, the school contacts the committee who then review the applications for consideration. This scholarship is paid out for the second semester, once an official transcript of enrollment is received by WYS. It can be rewarded to anyone attending college or other post-academic, accredited programs. For any questions related to the scholarship process, please email WYS, ATTN: Scholarship Committee.