Waltham Youth Soccer is an organization for children ages 4 – 16 designed to promote the sport of soccer in a healthy, challenging, and fun filled environment.

Our program consists of three groups aiming at every level of soccer development.

U6 Sunday Program:

Designed for our very youngest players ages 4 – 5 who are just beginning their soccer experience.

U7 Saturday Program:

Designed players in first grade.

U8 In-Town Program:

Designed for players in second grade who may have some soccer experience or none at all. This program plays only in Waltham and does not travel to any towns in the Middlesex League.

Travel Program:

Designed for players grades 3rd to 8th who wish to compete in the game of soccer in a challenging environment. These teams will play games in Waltham and cities and towns through out the Middlesex League.

Field Locations

WYS utilizes fields around the city for games and practices. The location of these fields may vary from season to season depending on field conditions and availability. These fields are in parks that are usually shared with other youth organizations. WYS utilizes three types of fields.

  • Large fields for 11 v 11 games and practices.
  • Medium size fields for 9 v 9 games and practices.
  • Small fields for 7 v 7 games and practices.

Veterans Fields Complex:

These fields are located on Forest Street and where the majority of WYS games and practices are held. These fields are artificial turf so the ball moves a little faster and rain does not cause any problems. There are large, medium, and small fields in this complex. WYS maintains a bulletin board, a small office, and a Concession Stand at this location. Specific guidelines are in place for what food and drinks are allowed on the turf area. These guidelines are located at the Concession Stand.

Falzone Field:

This is a brand new turf field located on Trapelo Road across from Our Ladys Church. There is no field house here yet. This field is lined for 11v11 as well as two 8v8 size fields.


Registration takes place twice a year prior to each season. There is a fall season and a spring season. Registration for U6 Program usually takes place through out the course of the previous soccer season. Registration notices are posted on the registration page, Facebook, Twitter, put out through out the schools in Waltham, and listed in the local newspaper. Registration can either be done on-line, by mail or in person at the field during the prior season.

Player Evaluations

Players are evaluated by their coach at the end of each season for placement during the next season. Players are also evaluated during the season by a select group called the “Placement committee.” We also have MPS staff help evaluate players throughout each season.


Waltham Youth Soccer provides a uniform as part of the registration fee.

This uniform consists of:

  • A game jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks

(U6 and U8 In-Town Programs receive only a jersey)

All players are required to provide their own cleats and shin guards.

Additional items such as Goal Keepers Gloves, Jerseys, Pants, and other specialty equipment can be purchased locally along with Jackets, Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirts, etc.


All parents are encouraged to help support Waltham Youth Soccer. Without YOUR help, this league would not run and our children would not be playing this wonderful sport.

Aside from cheering for the teams that your sons or daughters play on, WYS has many ways in which you can help out. Here are some of the ways in which you can support WYS.

Team Parent Manager

All of our teams should have a Team Parent Manager to assist the coach. The Parent Manager is a great help to the coach in a multitude of ways. Some of these are as follows:

Younger teams need someone to help keep them focused during a game when they are on the bench waiting to substitute into the game. Many teams have a fruit list of who is bringing fruit on what week. This list needs to be created and managed throughout the season. Older teams (i.e. U14 Travel Teams) have 17 – 18 players on their roster. That’s a lot of phone calls for a coach to make in a very short time if their game is cancelled last minute on a Saturday morning due to inclement weather. He or she will never reach everyone in time before they head out to the game location if they have to make all these calls alone.

Please speak with your team’s coach if you would like to help out by being a Team Parent Manager.

Board Of Directors

Waltham Youth Soccer, like every other youth sport, has a Board Of Directors. The Board has a number of positions with a variety of duties that follow. The Board meets once a month to conduct the business that shall regularly come before it. The WYS board manages all aspects of the soccer program. From the President of the league, to the Fields Management, to the Uniforms that our children wear on game day. All of this is determined by our dedicated and completely volunteer staff. WYS is always looking for people to step up and help us run the league and make a difference for our youth. Without dedicated people on the board who want to see the best possible youth soccer program for our children in the state of Massachusetts, we will shut down.

Please click on the Contact Us drop down to contact a board member and volunteer.


Coaching is one of the most rewarding duties in Waltham Youth Soccer. When you see a player that you have been working with on a single skill for some time, one day “get it” and they light up like a beacon in the night, it can bring chills of excitement to you! That’s when you realize that you DID make a difference in someone’s life. Teaching the sport of soccer to the youngest or oldest players in the league is a challenge, but does not go without recognition. It takes time, patience, training, and sometimes a little luck. Part of our goal is to provide good memories for our youth so that some day when they have families, and think back on their experience with WYS, they will sign their sons and daughters up to learn the sport that they love and watch them enjoy the experience that they had years before.

If you are interested in coaching, please e-mail us at info@walthamyouthsoccer.org.

Any questions and/or concerns you may have can be directed to the Waltham Youth Soccer Board Of Directors or leave a message on the WYS Hotline. 1-(781)-647-0388